Tuesday, May 31, 2011

small guys

I began making smaller paintings again in January with reference to my collages. I've always been an advocate for the value of smaller works and appreciating the intimate act of producing one. The idea was to create a painting using different colors and various methods of applying paint in the same intuitive manner in which my collages are created.  The specificity of color and formal arrangement is meant to depict portraits of certain people in my life. Relying on the collective memory of them for color and whatever opinion I presently had of the relationship with that person determined the overall feel of the piece.  These ended up being tighter restrictions than I had anticipated. However, the paintings began developing personalities all their own; embodying more ambiguous tones as the process of creating such a work became more developed.

it doesn't work for me, I haven't tried it (evan)
oil on canvas

evan detail #1
evan detail #2
evan detail #3

there sat down, once, a thing on Henry's heart (matt)
oil on canvas

matt detail #1
matt detail #2
matt detail #3

do onto others as they do onto you (taylor)
oil on canvas

taylor detail #1
taylor detail #2
taylor detail #3

sweet prince// angel baby (nick)
oil and acrylic on canvas

nick detail #1
nick detail #2
nick detail #3

gray areas, if you will (troy)
oil on canvas

troy detail #1
troy detail #2
troy detail #3

not the mama (dad)
oil and acrylic on canvas

dad detail #1
dad detail #2
dad detail #3

then they all act like 14 year olds
oil on canvas

14 detail #1
14 detail #2
14 detail #3

oil, acrylic and pastel on canvas

monstre detail #1
monstre detail #2
monstre detail #3

all sadness, grinning into flow
oil on canvas

monstre detail #1
monstre detail #1
monstre detail #1

Ah daddy, I wanna stay drunk many days
oil and acrylic on canvas

ah daddy detail #1
ah daddy detail #2
ah daddy detail #3

a beautiful belly
oil on canvas

belly detail #1
belly detail #2
belly detail #3

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